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Short investment plan

SwiftRide Plan Offers 14 Days Cycle

A powerful 2.7% Daily plan which enables you to reach quick break-even point on the 14th day, with 100% principal returned. Thanks to the extra 2.7% Deposit Bonus each cycle will delivers 29.7% pure profit (~159.4% ROI in 28 days).

Long investment plan

WaveRide Plan Offers 28 Days Cycle

This is a balanced 5.4% Daily plan with principal included. Thanks to the extra 5.4% Deposit Bonus  each cycle delivers 56.6% pure profit. By the ending of the 17th day you will break even. Earnings are credited even during weekend.

  • Investment:


    $10,000 USD
  • Plan Name


    Principal Returned


           Principal Included
  • Duration

    14 Days
    (No earnings on weekends)

    28 Days
    (Earnings every day)

  • Daily Return

    2.7% ($6.75)

    5.4% ($13.50)

  • $107

        +2.7% Instant Bonus


        +5.4% Instant Bonus

Progression of your account value / earnings per time frame:

  • 2.7% Daily for 14 Days (Short Bi-Weekly Plan. Principal Return)
  • 5.4% Daily for 28 Days (Long Monthly Plan. Principal Included)

Principal Return


Principal Return


Re-Invest + Profit

  • Days
  • 7
  • 14
  • 21
  • 28
  • 35
  • 42
  • 200%
  • 175%
  • 150%
  • 125%
  • 0% ROI
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Aiming to achieve scientific based success, delivering long-term ROI's, ease of use & loyalty.
WaveRider's winning formula was built on the following principles:

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WaveRider™ was developed with the ability to flawlessly run MetaQuotes A.I trading based on trend reaction.


To insure our platform longevity above everything else, we're always highly protective of our members funds.


In-house trusted team of professional risk analysts,
that are here to review, intervene and consult 24/7.

  • Avg. Monthly Growth
  • Platform Capitalization$
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Affiliate's Program & Statuses

We have 3 kind of statuses for our involved members: Affiliate, Representative and V.I.P for those who qualified and pass
challenges in terms of downlines or commissions count. Unlock the ability to receive up to 3% extra commission award for life!


Commission for
deposit under $300


Commission for
300 - $2,999 deposit


Commission for
deposit above $3,000

  • Master Affiliate

    Get an extra 2% for 2nd level commission of every new external investment made by your referral's down-lines.

  • Become a Leader

    Affiliates will receive extra 1% commission if they reach above 15 active referrals and 2% over 40. VIP status award you 3%!

  • Representatives

    Representative listed in contact us will receive 1-2% extra commission if they'll provide support to 3-25 active referrals and 3% VIP for reaching over 50!

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30th Mar 2019

Public Site Launch

Today 30.3.19, we are very pleased to announce the exciting and long anticipated opening of, a truly logical investment...

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20th Feb 2019

Final Platform Tests

Preparing for the final software calibrations of our "WaveRider" API script for synchronous communication with 7+ crypto exchangers...

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  • I've been looking for a way to earn money online for my Bitcoin holdings without the stressful routine of daily trading, and may be a wish coming true!

    Adward C.

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Quotes of The Month

  • “ Truth - more precisely, an accurate understanding of reality - is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes. ”
    ― Ray Dalio, the founder of the world's biggest hedge fund.

  • “ The stock market is the story of cycles and human behavior that is responsible for overreactions in both directions. ”
    – Seth Klarman, hedge fund manager and investor.

  • “ Every movement in the market is the result of a natural law and of a cause which exists long before the Effect takes place and can be determined years in advance. The future is but a repetition of the past, as the Bible plainly states.”
    - William Delbert Gann, one of the greatest traders in history.